Whatever your industry, be sure that every translation is always the result of thorough research on the subject in both languages, to ensure full understanding of the source and to validate the use of appropriate terminology in the target country.

Terminological consistency throughout the same text (and in successive texts for the same client) is also guaranteed by Translation Memories. (How does this work?)

Below you can see my fields of specialisation and the areas in which I have extensive experience. Do not give up if your industry is not there! Contact me and we will evaluate together all the options available – after finding out more about your text, anonymously and free of charge, I will be able to judge whether or not I can accommodate your needs.

You will always get an answer within 24 hours, no waste of time, no waste of money. Remember: always beware of translators who accept a job on the spot, without checking the subject and the format of the text first! You might be wasting both a lot of time and a lot of money.

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